Øks coming on Kickstarter you can already sign up here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/valhallaofnorway/valhalla-of-norway-ks
The Valhalla of Norway Øks (Axe), has a unique case design which is inspired by the Norse, battle axe. It even comes with what appears to be scratches in the case, inspired by the well worn Viking battle axe. The inspiration for the the bezel came from the frame around the edge of a Viking shield. The Øks is topped with a custom made axe shaped second hand.

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  1. I had to review this amazing watch on Facebook. Taking The Time of facebook, or Veterans Watch Collector Channel on YouTube. This watch is fantastic! The level of detail is amazing! Great size and weight for all wrist sizes. My advice, order one. I think that you will really like it.

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